Mobile service Dog Massage

These are my two massage vehicles. Not only is the car environmentally friendly, it also holds everything in it that I need to be a traveling massage person. The trailer has heat and air conditioning for year round travel to events.


House Calls – The initial visit will include a period of time for evaluating the massage needs of your dog/s. Dependent on the dog’s comfort level with massage in general and the specific issues for the call, most massages last a minimum of 30 minutes up to over an hour.

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Events – Massages at sport events usually focus on loosening up the muscles, increasing blood flow, and identifying areas that need extra work prior to performance.

mobile service massage for dogs

Additionally, post event massages help to decrease lactic acid build up and minimize the possible stiffness from the activity. Conformation massages typically focus on make sure that the dog moves well in the show ring.


Facilities – Owners of facilities can contact me and we can schedule a day when their clients can make appointments to have their dogs massaged. The owners will be compensated for hosting me through complimentary massages.