Event Massages

MACH Hopie and her Soccer Ball

The difference between a therapeutic massage and an event massage is not in the therapeutic nature of the massage, but in the length and specificity of the massage. In both instances, systems such as the nervous, circulatory, lymph, muscular, organ, and skeletal are affected by the massage.


However, an event massage is generally shorter in duration (typically 15-20 minutes) and more focused toward identifying any issues that may inhibit the dog’s ability to participate in a particular activity or have been affected by the dog’s performance.

Additionally, the massage focuses on enhancing circulation, increasing mobility, and removing toxins and waste. Hence, the massage is specific to the issues related to the relationship between the particular dog’s structure and the demands of the particular activity (agility, herding, flyball, lure coursing, dock diving, swimming, etc).

Types of Event Massages


Event Massages

Pre-event  – This massage is done prior to the event in order to identify areas of restriction, tone of muscle, and possible chronic issues that might increase the chances of injury. Pre-event massages help increase circulation of blood, lymph, and oxygen.


Post-event – This massage helps identify issues directly related to the relationship between the rigors of the activity and it’s direct impact on the dog’s body. Additionally, a post massage helps to move toxins and waste from the perfomance through the system quicker. Soreness and specific muscle tightness can be identified and dealt with properly.

These massages are not maintenance massages like the therapeutic massages. Hence, not only should a dog get regular (depends on relationship between structure, activity, and overall activity patterns) event massages, but also therapeutic massages.


Maintenance – I do maintenance massages during events at the end of the day or just prior to a national event to deal with travel and acclimation issues.


Booking – There are a number of ways to book an event massage.

1)      You may call 209-986-7428 or text ahead of time

2)      You can contact me via email on contact page

3)      You can signup early on the day of the event


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