Mobile Canine Massage- Homes, Facilities, & Events




This is my mobile vehicle. Not only is it a billboard on wheels, it also holds everything I need from home visits to events. Because I get excellent gas mileage, it cuts my travel costs and helps the environment.

Home Visits – Home visits within 50 miles of Stockton, CA will be charged a minimum of $30. This charge includes a 20 minute massage. After 20 minutes, the charge will be a $1 a minute for every minute after the first 20 minutes. The first time a dog has a massage, it may only last for 5-10 minutes dependent on the dog's stress level. The first home visit includes an evaluation of the needs of the dog.

        Multiple dogs – If there are 2 or more dogs at home visit location, the charge for will be $1 a minute for the massages within the 50 mile range.