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I am going to start a rambling blog on dog and human stuff. As you all know, I am always trying to impart information related to the health and happiness of your canine buddy. All that information that I provide you about your dog such as jackets, hydration, warming up. warming down, etc. should be followed by all of you. We are at a weird time of the year. This weekend at Santa Rosa it was cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon.
I saw dogs that were a bit dehydrated because they were not acclimated to the heat yet. I too got dehydrated because I was too busy to drink. Hence, I had a headache later in the evening. For weekends where the weather is cold and then hot, make sure that you have your jackets and heaters, as well as, plenty of water and fans. If you have not been exercising you and/or your dog outside recently, please take into consideration the need to acclimate to the warmer temperatures. Like people, many dogs do not like working in the heat. My dogs probably could do well in the heat. However, they have been socialized by me to not go out in the heat to exercise. I hate the heat. Hence, they are slow to function well as it gets a lot warmer. If you or your dog have a tendency to not drink enough at trials, make sure that you hydrate the day before. This will help maintain energy levels and not get muscle tightness due to dehydration. Those of you that have competed in athletics know that staying hydrated is key to good mental and physical performance. I remember when I would do the Tecate to Ensenada bike ride. The night before everyone would fill up on Tecate beer stating they were hydrating themselves. They rarely got a good start (lol). Another word of caution, remember when you are selecting something to help your dog drink more “read the ingredients.” If there is a lot of sugar or there are a lot of ingredients, same rules as with ingredients on products for us.

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