Hi,I’m Jersey!

Jersey at State Fair July 12 2015

Hi, I am Jersey, an Australian Cattle Dog. I am 10 years old.

I have been competing in agility for 8 years. I have my PACH 2. A PACH is title for dogs who have dropped in jumping height so that they don’t overstress their body as they age.

I recently was invited to AKC Invitationals as the top preferred Cattle dog in the country.


Something important you need to know about me:

I am “reactive.” That means that I get very upset when other dogs get too close to me, and sometimes blow up to get my space back. That is why we started doing agility–to help with my socialization.

Jersey at Nationals 2015

My mom has been very good about getting me regular massages every day of every trial–which not only feels great and keeps me at my best, but has been a BIG step in my socialization. There are not too many people I feel comfortable about touching me! My mom has also has gotten me into a swimming regime which has helped my body hold up very well during my agility career.

I have a brother and a baby sister who will be competing in agility in a year or so.  My sister Beatrice is  7 months old.  She is already getting on Linda’s table so she can get socialized and enjoying being touched in general.