Hi, I’m Tahoe,- Welcome to my page

I’m a 3 year old large mixed breed.  I have  poor structure which tends to cause a bit of pain and stiffness,.. but the nice lady at Pawssage is really helping me with that,.. and she has such a wonderful caring touch!

Tahoe large
Tahoe small1


TahoeTahoe was rescued by a young active couple who thought he would be a great companion on hikes, camping, and other outdoor activities. I saw him when he was 8 months old and warned them that I believed that he was going to have some major problems because of his hips and as you can see in the picture, his extremely straight legs (hocks). At that time, I taught them how to keep the rear as loose as possible. Although, Tahoe is an extreme case, many dogs do not have the structure to endure the activities that their human companions ask them to do. Yet, with some combination of massage, chiropractic, accupunture, nutrition, appropriate exercise, physical therapy, and medications, a dog like Tahoe can get around and enjoy time with his human companions.

As a side note, Tahoe has a cruciate problem and according to the vet, his problem may have developed because of his structural problems.This is a case where one must make a commitment to spend the time and money to make sure that everything is done to provide treatments that will help create as much structural balance as possible. An update on Tahoe: Tahoe is getting much worse. Due to his poor structure, both his front and rear extremities and joints are becoming more painful. Tahoe is not moving around much. Unfortunately, the vet has indicated without extensive surgery, Tahoe will not have good quality of life.