Hi, I’m Opie,- Welcome to my page

I guess you could say that I’m just one of the luckiest dogs around. That’s because my mom Linda is the owner of Pawssage and so it’s understandable that I get lots of special treatment and regular Pawssage therapy to help keep me healthy, happy & relaxed!

Opie Tug


Opie– Opie is 15 years young (at least she thinks so). She started hiking when she was 4 mos old. Between the ages of 1 and 4 years of age, Opie hiked 25-35 miles per week. She is a stocky, muscular border collie. At 6 years old, she started competing in flyball. During that time, I had a physical therapist examine her and she was concerned about her overdeveloped pectoral muscles.

The therapist pointed out that the hiking and then hitting the flyball box were creating a major imbalance between the front end and rear. At that time, I started some exercises to increase development of the rear. She retired from flyball at 10 so that she could continue hiking the Sierras. In the last few years, like most senior dogs, she has lost muscle mass in the rear. With regular massage and occasional chiropractic, she can still do 2-3 hour hikes on 3 consecutive days.

She certainly does not move as fast, but people always think she is much younger.

She plays ball at least once a day and loves to go to the dog beach. I have found that with regular massage that I have used less Duramaxx because I keep her conditioned and massage her before and after strenuous exercise.

I love to do older dogs because it can definitely enhance the quality of their lives. They are going through physical and mental changes that create both mental and physical stresses that can be helped through massage, proper exercise and nutrition, and regular senior dog checkups.