Hi, I’m Mauree,- Welcome to my page

I’m a lovely 5year old border collie. I like to play hard. I really love training for agility and herding whenever I get the opportunity!

maureen active crop
maureen active crop


Mauree – Mauree is training for agility and herding. He has great structure and moves very well. However, he is extremely high strung and goes for the gusto in everything he does. Massage has helped him relax when he has hit that wall where things set him off. He has worn all of his foot pads off herding and hiking. This creates situations where he over compensates throughout his body unitl his pads heal. The over compensation is minimized through massage.

Mauree loves to hike in the Sierras. The uneven ground and climbing over rocks at a full run creates situations where he needs massage to relieve the tension created from his “weekend warrior” activities. Most recently, Mauree has had to have weekly massages due to his playing with a younger member of his household that is much bigger.

He has had lots of tension in his neck and shoulders from the playing. I have seen other dogs, much older than Mauree, who have had younger dogs brought into the home with the same types of muscle tightness. Digging in the yard and fence running can cause similar front end tightness that is eased by regular massage.