Hi, I’m Chico,- Welcome to my page

I know I should be more modest but it’s true that I ocassionally get referred to as “Chico the wonderdog”,.. I guess that’s because I’m so active and as fast as a lightning bolt!



Chico – Chico is a 10 year old mixed breed with a long body. Long bodied dogs are going to have more problems in the lower spine area depending on the types of activities that they participate in. Chico has been a flyball dog for 6 years. Chico benefits from massage not only because he has a long body but also because his jumping technique is such that it puts even more pressure on both his front and back end. A dog with good structure can get away with incorrect technique for a quite a while, but it will catch up with him/her.

However, due to his structure, Chico is always pretty sore at the end of a tournament.Many times, he starts going around the jumps which is a signal that something is wrong. Too many times, we think that performance dogs that do things like that have just lost their focus. However, if it becomes a pattern the human teammate needs to not only check to see if they have created the behavior through incorrect training, but also consider that there may be some physical reasons for such behavior.

A long bodied dog can have problems as she/he ages just from jumping up and down from couches, beds, and cars. Massage can keep the lumbar area from staying in a complete state of tightness.