Hi, I am Duke!

My mom started getting me massages in 2011. I was 9 years old. Big dogs like me age faster than the small dogs. So my massages were to help me navigate the changes in my body due to age. I was getting stiff and a lot of vascular and lymph restrictions. Sometimes I would get massages once a week, sometimes twice a week. My dad setup a bed for me just for my massages. I would start waiting for Linda as soon as dad started setting up the room.

Duke was a great boy. He went to work with his dad almost everyday. He was the mascot of the commercial tire facility. He got food from the “gut wagon” every day. Duke would get in the shower  the day before his massages so that he did not shed too much on me and the bed. One day the static electricity was so bad that the wall behind the bed was completely black with hair. Duke got massages for 3 years.

They helped him move better and keep his vascular and lymph systems moving . These systems slow down as one ages. I was lucky enough to visit Duke just before he was helped to cross over to the rainbow bridge.