I am accepting pre-pays for AKC Nationals in Harrisburg, PA , 2014.I will arrive in Harrisburg on Tuesday morning. I will be available all day Tuesday and Wednesday to do after travel massages. During the trial, I will be on site and also go to hotel rooms in the evenings..

My contact number: 209-986-7428


Dog/s Name:

Cell # :

Hotel Name and Room # or RV Park site:

Arrival day:

Crate Area:

Runs Entered (make sure put height)

Dog 1 - Please put height jumping :

Dog 2 - Please put height jumping :

Please put approximate time and day for reservations. I will also be available Tuesday and Wednesday for after flight long massages. I will come to hotels in evenings also.


Package Deals:

Complete Package- $150


Full massage 45-60 minutes

3 pre OR post massages (15-20 minutes)

Quad Package- $125

4 Pre OR post massages (15-20 minutes)

Tri Package- $95

3 Pre OR post massages

Individual prices for massages at trial:

Pre-Post (15-20 minutes) – $35

Maintenance Massage (45-60 minutes) – $65

Packages can be used for multiple dogs of an individual.

If you need a different package please contact me to discuss your needs.